Bard Wire Productions is a project studio that got completely out of hand. Launched in 2002 by Richie Monroe to create his first album, we now help others record, produce and publish their audio projects.

Richie and his Taylor at the control station. We are dedicated to the high quality recording of real acoustic sound in real acoustic space. An alternative to the high pressure environment of the big studios, our mission is to provide a comfortable environment that gives the recording artist input into the creative process at every step along the way. We ask the questions, you provide the answers, then we offer alternatives.

The Bard Wire philosophy is simple: If you have a good musician, with a good song and a great instrument in a good room, you put a really good microphone in front of them, plug it into a great preamp, and don't mess with it. The bad ones say, "Make me sound good". The good ones say, "Don't mess with my sound".

If you are looking for a heavily processed, overcompressed sound with sampled drums and synthesized strings, Bard Wire is not the studio for you. We use computers to record music, not to play it.

Richie and his Taylor at the control station. On the other hand, if you are a solo acoustic act, a singer-songwriter, a bluegrass trio, a jazz combo, a string quartet, a barbershop quartet, storyteller, or poet, we could be just what you are looking for. We also have the capability for high quality remote location recording, just the thing for larger ensembles, choirs, etc.

Gear: Well, it's all about the music, but gear can be a good thing. We are constantly upgrading in an effort to offer the best in recorded sound quality. Please see the Photos page for our current equipment.

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